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You could buy an inexpensive camera system from your local store or online. Or allow us at Extensive Designs to install a camera system professionally with hidden wires, properly mounted cameras at the correct height and distance to get the best possible picture in case there is a security event. We only recommend the best picture quality 2 megapixels and up which is a minimum 1080p resolution not the lower resolution 650 and 700 line cameras you can buy in kits. These cameras will not last and they are not the truly high resolution as described and probably not IP66 rated so they can't be mounted outside. Remember you want the best quality picture, not necessarily the best price. Cheaper cameras are pretty much worthless if there is a security event that takes place and does not able you to clearly see what is going on during the security event. Take a look at this link from our local ABC13 station in Houston, TX that says "Camera Clarity Key for Catching Criminals" click here.