High-Resolution IP Cameras

Wondering who might be at your front door? Let us install a 1080p hi-res IP camera that is accessible through the internet or on your smartphone. View live streaming video and audio or send snapshots notifications by email or text when someone arrives at your front door. Events can be triggered by motion or contacts from a doorbell or external device. If you need more security, we can install NVR and DVR systems up to 32 cameras or IP only up to 128 connected to a secure server.

Door Access & Gate Control

We don't design and install gates but we sure know how to control them. View and control your gate locally or remotely from a secure location by remote, mobile device or telephone system.

Home Media Rooms & Theaters

Basic installation from hanging a LED/LCD TV on the wall or 1080p projector mounted to the ceiling mount pointed towards a 110 inch or bigger projection screen. We can make your media room or theater the best room in the house.

New Construction Pre-wire

Pre-wire your home during the construction phase to future-ready your home and save the cost of running wires later. This picture shows a TV location including an RG6 coax (black), Cat5 (blue) for a network, Cat5 (white) for HDMI over Cat5 extender to remotely locate the source equipment. We also installed a 3-inch orange flex conduit for any future wires needed. Since this is an inside wall (bedroom) we could always come back later and run wire if needed, but if it's an outside wall we recommend installing orange flex conduit at a minimum.

Data Networking & Commercial Access Points

Got wireless or network problems in your house or business? Let Extensive Designs install a commercial grade (strong radio) access point and blast the whole property with a dependable wireless signal. If you have a location with a dead spot (no signal) let us install a simple cost-effective repeater or drop in a high-speed wired connection. Got a virus on your PC? No problem we fix those IT related issues and service and repair computer systems.

Audio and Video

We do it all here at Extensive Designs. Everything from full-blown custom racks that hold all your source equipment in a remote location like a closet or just a simpler install with the equipment placed inside a cabinet.

Home Control Site

Automation & Control

Our specialty, we can control and automate just about anything these days. If there is not a driver to integrate a device into your system then we will write one. Whatever it takes to get devices talking to each other and be dependable we can do it right. Most devices now can be controlled by IP which is more dependable, fewer wires, and better functionality.